15 unmissable SharePoint & Office 365 videos (hand-selected by our April partners)


Out of over 530 video sessions, we asked top SharePoint and Office 365 Products : Crow Canyon, SPDocKit & Emgage to pick their all-time top 5 Collab365 videos. We've arranged them here for your viewing pleasure...

Introducing our partners:

​Crow Canyon Systems - Top 5 Videos

Put SharePoint and Office 365 to work! Crow Canyon Software is the leader in business applications for SharePoint and Office 365. Running on our unique NITRO™ application service layer, our programs drive efficiency and productivity, automate workflows, improve service levels -- and, simply put, help make your job easier and your business run better. While others talk about a “Digital Workplace”, we deliver the building blocks that power it – robust, reliable applications that turn your SharePoint and Office 365 into true business process improvement platforms.

SPDocKit - Top 5 Videos

SPDocKit is the ultimate SharePoint administration tool created by Acceleratio Ltd. This powerful stand-alone tool offers many time-saving features that help you enhance SharePoint farm performance. Use SPDocKit to generate SharePoint farm documentation, validate farm configuration according to latest best practices, analyze and manage permissions, enforce governance policies, compare farms, and monitor farm health.

It was developed for administrators and consultants to automate routine administrator tasks and maintain high productivity. SPDocKit is a powerful solution trusted by 2500+ global customers.

Emgage - Top 5 Videos

Emgage PRIME delivers the Intranet your organization has been looking for, without the hassles of customization and expensive consultants.

Prime is an Intranet-in-a-box solution, that provides great looking, fully mobile, user friendly Intranets that engages employees and increases adoption rates. It even integrates seamlessly with SharePoint/Office 365 and any existing processes to address any major gaps in your current Intranet's features. And the best part of all... no coding is required.


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15 unmissable SharePoint & Office 365 videos (hand-selected by our April partners)

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