It’s now 6 days after we said goodbye to our wonderful guests at the Microsoft Teams Virtual Summit. The Teams Summit was our most popular online event by far as we broke through 10,000 registrations, a BIG first for us. One of the frequently asked questions was how to re-read all of the chat transcripts. (There was a load of great info shared). Before I get on that, I wanted to make you aware of a couple of deadlines.

Microsoft Teams Virtual Summit: All-Access Pass is gone tomorrow, forever.

If you missed this incredible event, you still have a few hours to grab an All-Access Pass at 99$ which gives you:

  • Access to all of the Teams session videos, for life.
  • Access to our Ebook write-ups (due by 4th July)
  • Access to our 13 Teams Nugget videos produced by Matthew J Bailey MVP.
  • Beginners Guide to Microsoft Flow – 105-page Ebook.
  • 25-Time-Saving Tips for Microsoft Teams EBook
  • $50 voucher to use on selected MicroJobs

? I want an All-Access Pass before it goes away, forever

Microsoft Flow Virtual Summit: Price rise tomorrow

You can currently grab an “All-Access Pass” to the Flow Summit which gives you:

  • Access to all of the Flow session videos, for life.
  • Access to our Ebook write-ups (due 3 weeks after close)
  • 40% discount on IWMentor training by Laura Rogers MVP
  • 20% Discount on Encodian Flow Connector
  • $50 voucher to use on selected MicroJobs

? I want an All-Access Pass before the price increases

If you haven’t registered for the Flow Summit then it takes place on 10-11th July, is all online and as with our other Summits, is free to attend as the sessions are broadcast.

? I want to attend the Summit on 10th & 11th July for free. 

Want to read some of the reaction from the Teams Summit?

The session chat was on fire during the event. We had thousands of messages shared. You can read them all now (no login required). There’s some really good information shared in it. For example: 

  • “@Paul T I don’t know if this is the answer but have global admins look at conditional accessing rules.  When you have MFA enabled, it starts messing with access to other O365 apps and you have to configure them so everything uses the same access type.”
  • “Will there be a way to capture this entire Chat thread?”
  • “Keep in mind that Microsoft will schedule Teams to replace SfB for O365 less than 500 users.  You need to keep an eye on your RoadMap Message Center Messages.  You can keep Islands setting once they put you in the conversation queue, until all of your SfB users are ready for Teams.”
  • “I need to rewind this later … missed the part where he got Azure Dev Ops as a card in the chat …”
  • “That was great, thanks Jethro. First time I’ve seen the Edu side of things”
  • “Outside of the education space has anyone ever considered using this a corporate learning management system?”
  • “before I forget (or session over) this has been the most helpful session of this summit – really well done!”
  • “The Flow integration is worth gold,  wish we had a separate webinar just for that”
  • “Soon you will be able to present a specific view within the Teams Tab if I remember from SPC correctly”
  • “I think I would use OneNote for less structured, free-form content (aka, taking notes). I would use the Wiki pages for content that is informative and more static in nature. Think of Wikipedia content.”

Here’s Matt Bailey’s session (the chat transcript is on the right-hand side). You can also read every single message from all the sessions, by browsing the “Event Sessions”.


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