3 Development options – which one is good?

This session will provide an easy to compare model for all 3 development options – SP add-in, Office add-in & Office 365 apps. The session will also help developers to learn what tools can be used on which platform for building add-in models. With new changes, how we can write code once and use it for enterprise & consumer space. We will end the session by highlighting what to watch out for in the near future for developers.

This session was delivered at the Collab365 Summit 2016 and was presented by Ashish Trivedi.


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About The Author
- Ashish is developer by passion and solution architect by his day job. He loves to talk about SharePoint/Office 365/Office development using SharePoint Add-ins, Office Add-ins and Office 365 Apps. He has been recently presenting across Australia with Microsoft technology focused. He, not only focus end user productivity, but also developer productivity by using automated tools and finding the right add-in development model.

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