6 Good Reasons to setup your blog at Collab365.Community

Do you have lots of interesting information to share about SharePoint and are thinking about writing a blog? Creating and managing your own blog can be a big time sync for the following reasons:

  • You need to choose, purchase and configure your own domain.
  • You need to design and build the look and feel of your site.
  • Once that’s done, you need to get readers to your blog, so have to worry about SEO, backlinks, keywords etc.

This can be a real hassle!

We have a simpler solution. Why not create your SharePoint Blog directly on SharePoint-Community.Net? In fact, if you are a member now, you already have your own blog! Here are some of the great reasons why having a blog on SharePoint-Community.Net makes sense.

1.It’s Free!

You don’t have to pay for a domain, you are already a member and your blog is ready to use! It’s free today and will always be free.


The SharePoint Community is growing fast and is a “ready-made” audience for you to share your blog posts with. Your blog will not only be read, but in many cases discussed in the comments or usually within the sites real-time chat window. (Most members say this is their favorite feature)

3.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you create your own blog, it will take substantial effort to get ranked highly on Google. You have to worry about back-links, phrases, domain-rank, age of domain and many other factors. As we have so many members writing unique content on the SharePoint-Community.Net, the site is already a Google favorite. Because of this, SharePoint-Commuinity.Net content gets crawled fast, and usually ranks high.

4.Social Networks

All blog posts on SharePoint-Community.Net are automatically shared on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Total Audience well over 26 000.  In addition to this, your Tweets will be shared by important people in the community such as Mark Jones, Wendy Neal, etc.

5.Ability to win great prizes

During all our contests, there is always a prize for the top Blog Post/Discussion. Your blog post could win you a conference pass or a tablet 🙂 . I am sure Blogger and WordPress don’t give you that offer!

6.Build a great online reputation

By Sharing content on SharePoint-Community.Net you will gain a great online reputation as someone who helps out the SharePoint Community. Furthermore, it will allow you to socialize with the built in features to other persons that breathe SharePoint every day like you!


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6 Good Reasons to setup your blog at Collab365.Community

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About The Author
- I have spent many hours working as a SharePoint Developer, Architect and Consultant for lots of organisations in the UK such as the NHS, Tarmac, O2, Lloyds of London, Lloyds TSB, BT etc.In 2007 I co-founded Collaboris, which is a SharePoint Software company that is committed to building well-crafted SharePoint and Office 365 solutions. Our flagship product is DocRead for SharePoint that allows you to request that staff, read, pass a test and confirm your key content.  I am also very active in the community and founded this community as well as running 7 virtual conferences that have had over 25,000 attendees.


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