Building .NET Client Tools for Sharepoint Online

In this session, Shai Petel, SharePoint MVP and director of KWizCom’s R&D team, will discuss different approaches of building client tools that communicate with SharePoint online. Such tools may be a desktop WPF application, tablet or mobile application, or any type of application that does not run on SharePoint in the traditional app model. Shai will provide an overview of all options a developer has when building a solution for SharePoint and provide tools to assist you choosing the one perfect for your scenario. The session will cover different approaches for connecting to a SharePoint online site, authenticating via the .NET API with or without OAuth, and some best practices for executing heavy code against your content. Examples for a client tool may be your own backup/restore application, testing tools, reporting, management, or like in our case – a find & Replace tool.


Features Covered:

  • Client side object model
  • Different approaches for cloud app development
  • App-SharePoint authentication

Session Objectives

Attendees will have a better understanding at the different options for app development for the cloud, and be able to choose the best approach for each task. Attendees will be exposed to more app development options than the common SharePoint app (hosted or SharePoint hosted)

This session was delivered at the SPBiz Conference and was presented by Shai Petel.


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About The Author
- Co founder of KWizCom Corp, acting as a director of research and development for the company. I have been designing and developing solutions on SharePoint since version 2001. I was a Microsoft certified trainer, MCPD: SharePoint Developer 2010 and was awarded the MVP on 2011 and since. I am a windows phone and PlayStation enthusiast – why can’t we all just get along? I also have vast experience in working with dedicated in-house teams to introduce them to SharePoint and help planning, designing and implementing SharePoint solutions.

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