Find out what is hot in the community this week…!!


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Welcome to the very first Collab365 Community Weekly Newsletter from our brand new site.

As always we’re going to be bringing you a mix of Developer, IT Pro and Business content covering everything from the “Office 365 family”, SharePoint On-Prem and of course, Azure.

Let’s get started …

[Partner Post] – Enabling success through learning in Office365 or SharePoint

LMS365 provides a complete learning management solution for Office 365 and SharePoint Server, making learning accessible within your existing platform without any complexity. Through LMS365 learning is put on auto-pilot as it helps learners find the training they need and ensures participation in required training. LMS365 blends seamlessly into the Office 365 or SharePoint experience, working the way your business already works and delivering training in context anytime, anywhere and on any device. LMS365 makes it easy to respond to training needs without programming, system integration, unwanted complexity or technology overkill.  [Read more …]

[Partner Post] – Drive SharePoint user adoption with a vibrant Intranet

Learn how to increase ROI and user adoption with an out-of-the-box Intranet that drives communication, collaboration, and internal services. SP Intranet from SP Marketplace goes beyond just a homepage to serve as your organizational hub. It provides a complete portal structure that includes department portals and employee self-service features on-premise or online. [Read more …]

[Partner Post] – Give your intranet new life for less! Award-winning Valo Intranet is a ready-to-go intranet solution on Office 365 and SharePoint

Over time, we wanted to stop reinventing the intranet-wheel and start to make things faster and smarter, and the most important of all: make our customers life easier. We want an intranet to be an easy to use, fast to deploy, and beautiful to look at. Valo provides a ready-to-go intranet solution that brings together the most popular intranet features, promotes collaboration, and makes employees happy with a modern user experience and a company’s look and feel. Valo’s solution helps to build a social company culture, supports employees in their daily work, and is loved by 150+ customers and over 300,000 users worldwide. – [Read More…]

What are the Top 5 ‘must-watch’ Collab365 Videos?

We’ve invited our February Community Partners: Valo Intranet, LMS 365 and SP Marketplace to pick their top 5 unmissable sessions for you to feast your eyes on.

There are some hidden gems in here : [Read more …]

The Microsoft Staffhub Mobile app – all you need to know!

Another in our series on the Microsoft Staffhub, helping you really get to grips with this revolutionary app that helps ‘deskless workers’ manage their shift schedules and communicate effectively. Take a look in our guided tour (including some common FAQs)

Microsoft Teams – Blessing or Curse?

MS Teams is a very exciting collaboration tool. We’ve been using it within our Team and think it will be a game changer. How are you getting on with it? What are your burning questions and top tips?… Why not start (or take part in) a discussion around MS Teams in our brand new Teams forum?

BTW, if you have any ‘hot tips’ then please send them over to [email protected] and we’ll include the best ones in an up and coming blog post on Teams.

9 posts every SharePoint or Office 365 Developer should read in 2017

In this second install of ‘Nick’s Picks’ he’s targeting the developers amongst you. If you want to learn about tech like the Office Graph or the new SharePoint Framework then you should read : Nick’s Pick’s #2.

Last but not least – Mark Kashman Live on the Community

As a quick snippet, we’re excited to be welcoming Mark Kashman to our very first Collab365 Live Show, hosted by Nick Brattoli and Andy Talbot. There will be more soon, but save the date : 21st February!

That’s all for this week folks, thanks for reading and keep an eye out for other great content and launch month features on their way.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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Find out what is hot in the community this week…!!

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