[Collab365 Newsletter] – Signatures, SharePoint Intranet Templates, External Sharing …..


Hello all!

This week’s newsletter promises to guide you to resources solving these 3 common problems (plus much more):

  1. Manage 1000’s of e-mail signatures at once – saving you days of effort.
  2. Discover how to extend MS Teams – allowing you to plan for a seamless implementation.
  3. Learn how to share documents in Office 365 with external users.

[Partner Post] – Make managing Office 365 email signatures a breeze

Struggling with Office 365 signatures? Do constant updates bore you and take too long? Want high-quality HTML signatures on all devices including on mobiles and Macs? Try easily designing, distributing and managing all Office 365 signature from one location via the cloud. One less IT problem to worry about!

>> Find out More

Don’t Miss Live Show #3 on Tuesday 21st March at 5pm UTC

Join show host, Andy Talbot who will be discussing how to extend and develop for Microsoft Teams, Microsoft’s newest (and coolest) collaboration tool. Andy will be joined by Richard Moe (Program Manager for Microsoft Teams) and also Richard Dizerega (Principal Software Development Engineer at Microsoft). If you are interested in Microsoft Teams then this is unmissable!!

>> Book your place and ask questions here

The Beginners Introduction to Microsoft PowerApps

With the ever growing suite of applications and tools being released into the Microsoft product landscape, it can be difficult to keep up!

To get up to speed check out our beginners intro to PowerApps.

>> Get to know PowerApps

Options for sharing documents with external users in Office365?

Virtually every organization has to collaborate with external users.

These external users can be your clients, vendors or customers, so what are your options to collaborate with them in an effective way in Office 365?

>> Find out

Find the best SharePoint Intranet Templates!

One of our services that’s growing in popularity is the Collab365.Directory which showcases some of the best products in the industry. This week we’d like to make you aware of 27 (yes 27) solutions that help you build a stunning Intranet and will make your users smile all day long.

>> Take a look

QUESTION: Have you implemented a SharePoint Intranet?

Also, if you’ve already used a template (or perhaps designed your own), then we’d love to hear how you did it and how well the adoption went?

>> Take part in the discussion

QUESTION: What’s best practice for SP Admin accounts?

Deron wants some guidance on best practice around SharePoint Admin accounts and best practices in regards to removing them from the local administrators group on the farm machines…

>> Answer Deron’s question

QUESTION: How to create an approval workflow?

Tom is trying to create an approval workflow and is looking for some guidance and experience from the community…

>> Answer Tom’s question

Special mention: Beau Cameron!

Big thanks to community legend, Beau Cameron (from Aerie Consulting) who has been helping answer questions like crazy since the re-launch! We really appreciate your input Beau!

I think that is about all for this week, thanks for reading.


Mark Jones

P.S don’t forget to click the image below and book on the next live show 🙂


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[Collab365 Newsletter] – Signatures, SharePoint Intranet Templates, External Sharing …..

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