The Great Collab365 Survey Report 2017


We recently surveyed our members to see how organizations are using Microsoft Technologies and also to see if there were any trends to tap into.

One of the most interesting stats in 2017 is that 44% of respondents aren't considering  hybrid SharePoint. This was a surprise to us as we'd only expected about 20-25% of orgs to say "no" to hybrid. Why?​ Because it's such a challenge for existing SharePoint On-Premises users to move entirely to the Cloud that you'd have expected hybrid to be much more prolific.

We've also covered the reasons to adopt hybrid in '5 reasons you should adopt hybrid SharePoint by 11 community experts'. If you are new to 'hybrid' and aren't sure if you should adopt it then you should definitely read the 'Ultimate Business Decision-Maker's Guide to Hybrid SharePoint'.

The Survey also shows that the future is very bright for SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams (considering it's so new).

Anyway, this whole post shares the in-depth results of the Collab365 Survey. However, if you are a busy person then the key takeaways are:

67 %
SharePoint Online
10 %
Never use O365
38 %
Will use MS Teams


  • SharePoint Online is now used on a daily basis in 67% of organizations. This now makes it the most popular version of SharePoint. (SharePoint 2013 is 2nd, with SharePoint 2016 4th).
  • Only 10% of organizations will never migrate to Office 365!
  • The main driver for choosing a Hybrid topology (some on-prem and some in the Cloud) is because of 'Data Sovereignty issues'.
  • 44% of respondents will never adopt a SharePoint Hybrid approach.
  • Nearly 90% of respondents will use SharePoint over the next 12 months.
  • 38% of respondents will use Yammer within the next 12 months.
  • Even though it's so new, 38% will also use Microsoft Teams in the next 12 months.
  • 40% of the respondents deliver over 25 IT projects each year.

About you and your organization

​What is your primary job role?

​Our respondents comprised of mainly IT Pro's, Architects, Developers, IT Managers and Analysts.

​How many people work in your IT Department?

​42% our respondents work in an IT department with less than 20 people.

​How many projects does your IT Department work on each year?

​This figure surprised us as even though 42% of IT Departments had less than 20 staff, the IT Department still managed to work on over 25 projects each year. 

​Which versions of SharePoint does your organization use on a daily basis?

​This is an incredible statistic as we asked the same question as early ago as December 2014. In that poll only 8% of orgs used Office 365. Now we can see that SharePoint Online is now the major version of SharePoint used online. The other interesting stat to highlight is that SharePoint 2016 is only 4th most popular. 

​When do you plan to migrate to Office 365?

​The figure to pull out here is that 9 out of 10 organizations plan to move to Office 365 meaning that 10% will never move to it. We don't know if this is because they are going to move to something else or are forced to stay on-premises for data sovereignty reasons.

​Which of the following technologies will your organization use within the next 12 months?

​Somewhat surprisingly, we see organizations expecting to adopt Microsoft Teams (38%) in the next 12 months, which is nearly the same as Yammer! SharePoint (89%) and Skype for Business (75%) were the top technologies to be used. If I had a crystal ball and ran this again in 12 months I bet we'd see Microsoft Teams into the high 60%.

​What are you main drivers for adopting a SharePoint hybrid configuration?

​If you've hung around the SharePoint community in the last few years you'd think that adopting a hybrid configuration is a very popular thing to do. In fact due to a variety of reasons you'd expect the majority of organizations to have "some" form of on-premises setup. However, our survey shows that 45% of respondents will not be even considering hybrid.

For those that are going for hybrid then the two top reasons are data sovereignty and "legacy applications" or 3rd party apps that don't run in Office 365.

Some of the "Other reasons" given were :​

  • Too expensive to migrate everything
  • Perception that the Cloud is too slow compared to On-Premises

​About your projects

​These questions relate to how you use the technology.

​What type of documents do you distribute and require people to sign-off?

​We specifically asked this question as we were interested in the types of document that you were distributing that needed to be acknowledged or signed off. Obviously, as a vendor of DocRead for SharePoint this information is extremely useful to us because DocRead makes it really easy to distribute any SharePoint related document and ask that groups of users read and sign it off.

​How do you get people to sign-off your project documentation?

​Interestingly, nearly all of the methods for distributing the document is exactly where DocRead can help 🙂 An incredible 35% of respondents ask for sign-off by printing out the document from SharePoint.

​How are your IT projects resourced?

​We know that in 40% of cases you have over 25 projects per year and we also know that 90% of respondents will be using SharePoint in the next 12 months. So how are these projects going to be resourced?

As expected, most project will be resourced internally​ with the use of independent contractors 2nd. I think it will be very interesting to see how this pans out as we move more and more in to the Cloud where development is still possible but not as prolific as the days of Full Trust Solutions.

​Where do your project team members mainly work?

​So we know that a lot of projects are still resourced internally, but where do the team members work? Working on-site is still pretty popular and in all honesty, I would have expected "working from home" to be much higher than 33%.

​How happy are your staff with SharePoint?

​On the whole if you are a SharePoint fan then a total of nearly 80% being either "Happy" or "Very Happy" with SharePoint is pretty good. I'd still love to know why people aren't happy though. 

​Which tasks do you use SharePoint for?

​I've got to be honest here, if you'd had asked me to order the list I don't think I would have put "Forms" in 3rd place. I think that's a surprising stat and really makes you hope that the whole InfoPath to PowerApps story unfolds how we expect it to.

I am also a little taken back that over 50% ​of respondents use SharePoint for sharing with external parties.

​Which departments use your SharePoint on a daily basis?

​To finish off the survey, we also asked which departments were using SharePoint daily. As you'd expect IT is streaming ahead.


​I love running surveys as I've a keen interest in how the industry is unfolding. The clearest stat for me in all of this survey is the sheer rate at which SharePoint Online has grown. As an ISV (who doesn't have a version of their product on O365 yet), this is a clear indication that the tides have changed real fast.

Survey Prize Winner

Thanks again to everyone that took the time to take our Survey, I think you will agree there are some fascinating findings.  Now down to the business of announcing the winner of the $100 Amazon Vouchers, congratulations to:

Clarinus Rietberg from Dimension Data Netherlands!!

What are your views on how the next 3-5 years will pan out? Leave a comment.


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The Great Collab365 Survey Report 2017

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  • Nick Brattoli

    I think the results are very telling. The reasons to not go into the cloud are getting fewer and fewer. The low use of 2016 isn’t super surprising, considering Microsoft saw it coming too, but many organizations still need on-prem, even if they are going to wait to adopt it until their 2013 or 2010 environment explodes.

  • Christian Buckley

    Some interesting data points here, but i wouldn’t say there are any surprises. even Microsoft has adjusted their expectations to the cloud over the past couple years, recognizing that data sovereignty and security concerns aside, the attitude of many organizations is “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?” with regard to their on-prem environments. Which isn’t to say they aren’t also adopting O365. Historically, the average SharePoint customer has 3 versions of SP running, and O365 has become one of them. Interesting stuff. Of course, we’re doing a more comprehensive study at if folks have not yet take the survey.