Document Sets – The Case of the Disappearing Properties


In my SharePoint 2013 Enterprise library of Document Sets, suddenly when a user chose to view or, edit all properties the only thing they saw was the name field….



I was totally confused as to why this was happening. I thought I had looked everywhere… at everything. I thought back, what have I modified?

Well I added a list web part to the display and edit form, That must be it! So I went back and removed the web parts but no luck, still only getting the Name field when viewing the properties. Ugh….

Long story short… here’s what happened……

When you add a list web part to a document library display or edit form, it adds a line of code to the dispform.aspx or editform.aspx.

After commenting out the line (on both the dispform and the editform), everything was back to normal and the users could see and edit all of the properties.

This seems to occur only on document library forms as my list forms with added web parts were not effected.


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Document Sets – The Case of the Disappearing Properties

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