Ep#3 : Collab365 Live Show – Microsoft Teams Extensibility

Andy and Mark were joined by Richard Moe (Program Manager for Microsoft Teams) and also Richard Dizerega (Principal Software Development Engineer at Microsoft). If you are interested in Microsoft Teams then this is unmissable.

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​Questions and Answers

​Here are the MS Teams questions that got asked both before and during the show.

​Show Notes (from Richard Moe) :

For Microsoft Teams product information, check out our customer-facing portal at: https://products.office.com/en-US/microsoft-teams/group-chat-software

You can find development information on the Microsoft Teams platform on Office Dev Center: https://dev.office.com/microsoft-teams This is your one-stop resource for not only Microsoft Teams' latest news and documentation, but for development information on the broader Office product family.

Here are a couple places our group hangs out:


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