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Date(s) - May 23, 2017 - 5:00 pm UTC - 6:00 pm UTC UTC

Live Show #7 promises to be our very best yet. Andy and Nick are co-hosting Microsoft’s, Mark Kashman (Senior Product Marketing Manager) and Bill Baer (Senior Technical Product Manager), live from Microsoft HQ. Mark & Bill will be answering your questions and drilling down further into the announcements at the virtual SharePoint Summit (just days before).

By attending this session you will learn:

  • Gain more insight into where Microsoft are taking SharePoint.
  • Learn from 2 people that work on the product daily in Microsoft HQ, Redmond.
  • Find out who won the 2 Tickets to the Office 365  Engage Conference.
  • Share some of the answers to the Live Quiz that will be taking place immediately before the Show.

Don’t miss your opportunity to win 2 Tickets to Office 365 Engage!

immediately before the Live Show we will be running a Live, Microsoft Trivia Quiz (including fun questions from Bill and Mark). There are 2 chances to grab a full conference pass to Office 365 Engage. Winners announced live on air in the Show.

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Live Show #7 – Virtual SharePoint Summit Reaction with Bill Baer & Mark Kashman

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