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I’ve been asked to summarize workflows on SharePoint 2013 on-premises. There is not a lot I can find besides Nintex and K2. (Deliberately not including SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio.)

Are there any others to consider?

Does anyone know what is customer base of Nintex and K2?

I’m talking to sales, so I’ll get the relative costs.

I know from experience in terms of support, Nintex wins hands down. I can remember sloshing around the underground of black pearl trying to get answers. My experience was from about five years ago, have they gotten any better?


Hi Stephan … couple of helpful links here :

We maintain a SharePoint Workflow Tools list in the Collab365.Directory. Check out this category : SharePoint Workflow Tools.

Also, have you seen this : How to choose the best SharePoint Workflow tool – OOTB vs. Nintex vs. K2 (I bet Brooke would be willing to chat it over as well).