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I have a requirement of Iinserting data from one of our SharePoint Online Lists into an on-premises SQL server Rable (different environment) and vice versa. I need assistance in achieving this by using a provider-hosted App, preferably. Can anyone please help me out in this ? Thank you

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Mukti ranjan


By the way, drop me a message on here if you’d like me to arrange a product demo


Hi Mukti,

We have a product called SQList that will synchronise SharePoint lists and libraries to normalised SQL Server tables. It runs as a windows service and you configure replications using a UI. Once configured, the service will generate correctly typed SQL schema and keep the data synchronised. As new columns or list items get added to SharePoint they will automatically be added in SQL.

It’s also possible to run the software from the command line in order to do one-off exports and scheduling via windows task scheduler or any other enterprise scheduling system.

Other features include the ability to export similar lists across a SharePoint site collection and SQList will automatically build SQL views of all these lists.  You can also use the product to archive SharePoint data to sql server (and then delete the items in SharePoint)

It works with all versions of SharePoint and SQL Server including SQL Azure so it’s possible to pull data from SharePoint online and push into SQL on-prem. It uses standard http(s) connections to SharePoint and standard SQL connections so you can install it anywhere (providing there is access to SharePoint online and SQL Server).

More information about sqlist can be found here:


You can download a fully working version here:

If you have a SQL database that is available online you can also try our free online export tool that is based on the SQList synch engine. This allows you to do one-off exports of cloud-based SharePoint lists and libraries to internet accessible SQL Server instances (or we can create one for you).

You can try the online tool here:

SQList Online – Free SharePoint online to SQL Server exports