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Hello Sir/Ma’am,

I am facing problem with deployment of same wsp to different web application under same SharePoint Server Farm.

Please suggest what to do in this case, how to deploy the feature using Visual Studio to different web application? What type of scope I have to set to deploy same wsp to several web application.

Please suggest.

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When Publishing using Add-SPSolution and Install-SPSolution via PowerShell, it doesn’t matter. A timer job will pick up the solution and propagate the changes to all other servers.

The term scope is a bit confusing. Scope doesn’t mean it doesn’t get deployed everywhere. Scope means, where you can activate your features. For example, you create a solution with 1 Feature in it. You scope that feature to “Web”. This means, this feature can be activated at an individual web site level.

If you scope this feature to site, this means you can activate this feature across your site collection, etc…

As long as you use Add-SPSolution and Install-SPSolution, on one of your servers (likely your WFE)… Timer Jobs should move those files across your farm for you. Scope determines how it can be used.