Microsoft Teams for a Private Tutor

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I would like to use the Microsoft Teams for my needs as a private tutor.

I would like to use for some distance learning classes (one-to-one), chating, scheduling, files transferring and notes.

I have never used it before, but it seems to me the perfect tool for this job.

So, I have thought of using it with a single user license for myself and I would like to invite my students as guests via their webmail accounts.

So, my questions are these:

I cannot invite them, although I have enabled the guest accounts. Any ideas why this is happening?

Am I thinking correctly about using the Teams, or I am missing something?


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Hello ktselios,

Have a look at to see what guest accounts can do. They can indeed do all of the things you are hoping for them to do, but they need their accounts to be Office 365 accounts.

This may be easy if they have access to Office 365 as students, and you could point them to (change en-US to your working country of choice) to see if they have it, but unfortunately it certainly won’t be available for free for all students you come into contact with.

Students without Office 365 accounts will be able to join classes/meetings with their accounts, but won’t have access to the other Teams features and won’t be able to ‘join your Team’ to access files and so on.

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