Sharepoint designer 2013 WF to send email to others when an item created works only for me!

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Sharepoint designer 2013 workflow to send emails to others when an item created works only for the person who developed this workflow, for others workflow is not been triggered. Any reason?

Workflow to send an email with an attachment when an item is been created, designed in designer 2013.

Works perfectly for me, sends emails to other recipients properly. 

so far checked in another environment, works fine.

  •          Created another workflow for the same list, same issue.
  •          created another list and workflow for the same environment, same issue.


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For some reason, all 2013 workflows which I created are not visible to others when they open SharePoint designer. 

We do not have any issues with Sharepoint 2010 WFs.

Not sure, how to fix this issue.

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