Web part or Power App that will allow pulling data from two lists

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In SharePoint Online, Out-of-the-Box, I have not found a way to solve a one-to-many relationship.  I am a junior member of a Dev team and I would like to understand how I could do the following:

List-1 is product inventory list (primay key = product #) contains “Product #” field and at laest 10 fields for each product.

List-2 has “Product #” , Location #, multiple buildings & rooms where these products are stored 

Example of data in List-2

Product #      Location #       Building Name       Room Name or #

Product-001      L-001             Building-A           Janitor Closet
Product-001      L-002             Building-A           Operations Sink Cabinet
Product-001      L-003             Building-B           Janitor Closet
Product-001      L-004             Building-B           Maintenance Rm#10
Product-002      L-001             Building-A           Maintenance Rm#2
Product-002      L-002             Building-A           Emergency Generator
Product-002      L-003             Building-B           Lab-789
Product-002      L-004             Building-C           Lab-456

User requested search “by Building” results:

Search results for Building-A

(First Column comes from List-2)                     (All other columns comes from List-1)

Room Name or #                                              Product #      other List-1 columns…
Janitor Closet; Operations Sink Cabinet              Product-001      
Maintenance Rm#2; Emergency Generator         Product-002

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