House Rules

#1 – O365 family and Azure only

All blog posts and discussions should be around the subject of the Office365 Family, SharePoint or Azure.

Be transparent

#2 – A note on transparency

If your post contains a link to a free (or paid) resource and you require an email address to access the resource, then you must clearly say “email address required”.

Rights to Content

#3 – Rights to content

All Content should be owned by the author and should be your original work. We don’t allow cross-postings unless we are the first to publish the article.

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#4 – Keep your content clear

All written content should be created using coherent English language.

Grammar and spell check

#5 – Grammar & spell check!

Please check the grammar and quality of your post prior to submitting it.

Quite strict

#6 – We are quite strict

All content that does not meet the minimum standards of quality, or does not adhere to these guidelines will be rejected.

How to write

#7 – How to write/talk for this community

For further information and guidance on how to write for us or submit videos please visit the writing and presenting for us page.

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#8 – Only positive vibrations will be tolerated!

Play nice. Treat others as you would if you saw them in person. Be civil. Please don’t be overly negative to other members or service providers.

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#9 – No third party job posts

No job postings or links to job sites are permitted. Please do not contact any member on chat, via mail or as a comment about a job advert.

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#10 – Go easy on the promo!

Promotion of a specific product, service or brand name may be allowed but must be approved by the moderators first. The moderators will ensure that it’s not overly promotional and is of general interest to the wider community.

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#11 – Get permission to use any imagery.

Images and photographs are also welcome, provided the author has permission to use them.

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#12 – All members must register as themselves.

We do not allow members to register under the name of a company, service, product or any other professional, or non-professional body. Only human beings please!