Is the Intranet still relevant in Office 365?

Some authors talk of “social Intranets”, others value the term “digital workplace”. There are whitepapers on creating Intranets in Office 365 and some articles suggest the Intranet is dead! But is it really? In this session, we are looking at the state of the Intranet within Office 365. We also dive into where to start when planning such a project. Collaboration or Publishing, wich one comes first? What tool to should we start with?​

You will learn:

  • What the Intranet looks like in Office 365.
  • How to plan your move to the cloud.
  • The difference between collaboration and publishing Intranets.
  • Lessons learned by building custom SharePoint Intranets.

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- Louis-Philippe is a passionate cloud convert. With an extensive background in helping major Canadian organisations migrate to Office 365, he’s now working hard to share with the world the new and exciting opportunities offered by the cloud. His ultimate goal? To create an environment where people work efficiently and effortlessly together.