At Collab365 we’ve been using and learning Microsoft Teams ever since it launched.

We migrated from Slack and now use it day in day out to collaborate within the Team and now we’ve set-up a “Collab365 Community” Team just for you!

The new Team will allow you to:

  • Come and check it out if you’ve never seen or used Teams yet.
  • For us to learn together – Microsoft are investing heavily in Teams, so we can learn as we go.
  • Provide a different channel for the community to discuss Microsoft Technologies.
  • Potentially work together on an App (more on that later).

Now that Teams offers guest / external access for anyone with an “Office 365 work or school” account, we’re inviting people to come and play.

How to join?

Teams doesn’t have a slick way of adding external users (that I know of), so for now we’re having to add people in one by one. (If anyone knows of a better way, please shout).

To join, follow these steps:

  1. Email us your email address to “[email protected].
  2. We will then add you to the Team.

Once you’re in:

  • After I’ve popped an email back saying “done”, you should be ready to log-in.
  • You can either download the Teams desktop client or the mobile client.
  • Make sure you switch Teams (at the top right of the screen)…

What can you expect when logging in?

For the moment we’re keeping it simple. We’ve simply got 1 Team with 3 Channels:

  • General: This is for anything you want to discuss.
  • Developers: A Channel to talk about any development task related to a Microsoft Product or Service.
  • IT Pro Channel: A Channel for IT Pro’s to discuss anything related to a Microsoft product or service.

Need an expert to help for an hour with Teams?

We’ve just launched the Collab365 – the Microsoft skills marketplace. We’ve already got some amazing Teams related MicroJobs. Have a look and see if any of these MicroJobs could help you get over the learning curve.

I am also nerding out on DotBot 🙂

My inner “geekiness” has come out in full force. By day I am normally developing on the Collab365 Community,  Collab365 MicroJobs (or anyone of our other sites), which is cool, but it’s all mainly PHP. I miss Microsoft development and am really interested in how the Bot Framework will change the way we interact in the future. (I think it’s going to be a big area for innovation).

That’s why, by night, I am starting to put together a little sample project that offers the following:

  • Pull a random Post for a given topic from the community (will use the WordPress API).
  • To be able to register on our next conference (tests rendering a form and storing the results).
  • To be able to use the Bot within Facebook Messenger.
  • To be able to push out a new alert when a post is created.
  • To be able to do something cooler when we have a Live Show or Under The Hood so people can watch and discuss from Teams.

Ok, none of the above is world beating, but I think it will go along way to learning the in’s and out’s of building on top of Teams. Just by playing and learning a little, this is exactly how ideas for new products and services is formed and we all want to retire early right?

BTW, if you’re interested in creating your first Bot then take a look at: How to build your first Bot with Microsoft Teams by Jack Binnall. There are some minor differences now, but it’s still spot on. 

Couple of Playing Rules:

We already moderate a lot of groups and honestly I don’t have time for another, so we’re going to have to follow a couple of rules:

  • Be nice to each other 🙂
  • No promo / spam either in the Channels or in a one to one Chat. Teams doesn’t offer any granular permissions so I have no way to stop it.  So …if you do, do it, my only option is to remove you.
  • If you’re replying to a message then please do so on the thread. (I am still learning this habit but it makes for a much more organised set of conversations).
  • If you want more Channels, Tabs, then pop a message in and we can see if it’s something everyone wants.

Who’s in?

Email us your O365 account to: [email protected]


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  • collab3654 says:

    I’m in the middle of doing something similar to allow anyone to spin up a guest account and join a specific Team in our tenant. We’re looking for both a way for individuals to be added to a specific Team that’s not *public* like for anyone but should be available to anyone who meets certain criterion (e.g. if the department on your AD object is “IT”, then you can join the group) and a mechanism for people outside of our company to create guest accounts and get added to a specific Team that’s basically the same thing you’re setting up here.

    I’m using Graph API and have a quick proof of concept script to use static user info and static Team info. I’ve uploaded that script to