The Collab365 team are unique. We are comprised of a completely decentralised international workforce that come together every day to help build a complex suite of websites and digital products focused around Microsoft SharePoint and Office365. We work hard to create and maintain top class digital experiences for the SharePoint community and beyond.

Mark JonesMark Jones – Community Director

Mark has lost all of his hair because of SharePoint! He’s been working with it since 2006 and was responsible for the creation of all things ‘Collab365‘. Along with this fantastic team (plus many others in the community), he’s also hosted 7 online conferences including SP24, SPBiz, Collab365 Global Conference and of course THAT Summit in Seattle. Mark’s ambition is to build on the foundation of this great community by introducing more content and services to fulfil the needs of its members.

Nick BratolliNick Bratolli – Community Manager

As Community Manager, it’s Nick’s job to do what it takes to make this community strong. Whether it’s creating and delivering content, or engaging the community, Nick’s up to the task. Of course, it takes a village, and we can’t keep the community strong without you. If you have any requests for content, have some you’d like to create and want help, or just have some technical questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Fraser BeadleFraser Beadle – Communications and Sponsorship Manager

Fraser coordinates all of the communications issued by the community including the weekly newsletter and social buzz. He also manages the sponsorship opportunities within the community, so if you are interested in becoming a partner he is your man!

Helen JonesHelen Jones – AMA Manager

Helen’s main role is the coordination and management of our Ask Me Anything question and answer sessions as well as providing an all round support role for the community.

Paul ChoquettePaul Choquette – Tech Lead

With so much collab in the community, it’s kinda hard bein’ Paul Cho-que-double-t-e…
Been programming since I wrote that dating program in BASIC for the TRS-80 back in 4th grade. My first website was a Hello Kitty photo album for my newborn daughter that I wrote from scratch with HTML and JavaScript on Geocities (best viewed with Netscape Navigator!) I began my SharePoint adventures in 2007 by connecting a Pick-based ERP system to WSS 2.0 to create new and exciting (I’m easily amused) reporting options. I stuck my head into the cloud for the first time by creating an Azure Logic App to replicate email-enabled lists on SharePoint Online.
When I’m not nerding out for a paycheck, I’m nerding out for free in various coding and gaming communities or at home in front of my children (they just have a perpetual eye-rolling thing going on now.)

Andy TalbotAndy Talbot– Event Host

In Andy’s own words “when I’m not getting down with tech, I like to knock down walls and play with power tools!”

Andy has supported the community since the days of SP24. His main role is to host or anchor our live events such as our conferences and up and coming live shows. Why not check Andy out by taking a look at the Collab365 Summit Live Shows from 2016?

Andy TalbotBalamurugan Kailasam – Tech Lead

Bala works as a SharePoint Consultant for one of the leading UK’s banks. He blogs mainly around ‘development’ on Collab365 and has a keen interest in the latest dev techniques around Frameworks such as SPFx and AngularJS