• Multiple ways to do this. But I agree with option 1 as your best option. Not only does it handle permissions easier, but it will scale better than trying to keep everything under 1 site collection.

    Each school […]

  • Hi George, depending on version it may be different. Have a look at this link https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Understanding-query-rules-8ca2588d-9dc7-45aa-90a4-428d4d695d07?ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US

    At […]

  • Hi Ken,
    You may have better luck using Chrome. IE is going to return this as an XML feed. If you open this up in Chrome, you’ll see the XML Load.

    I would start with that URL. When you see XML show up, move to […]

  • Hi there Looks like you are trying to pull StatusedDateId which, internally is the ID field of the lookup column. You want to try and pull the field name followed by the properties you want.

    For example. Lets […]

  • Hi Larry,
    You should try using asterisks instead of percentages. Supported wildcards are *,? and []. Here is a link Paul provided […]

  • I do not believe this is possible. I think you’ll always be an owner if you are a Tenant Admin.

  • You need to use a sync tool to sync your accounts to SharePoint.

    Azure Active Directory can sync Ldap v3.  But I think is being phased out in favor of Azure AD Connect.

    Have a look at these links and let me […]

  • You sound like you are on the right track using BCS and the external content type. Can you tell us what error you were receiving?

  • Hey Ken,

    Here is a decent post. https://weblogs.asp.net/ricardoperes/looping-through-list-items-in-sharepoint-2013 The key pieces are the $filter (you’ll want to filter by project title).

  • Hi Ken,

    Are these documents related? If so, are they always created together (possible use of a document set?). You’ll have much better luck in SPO instead of SharePoint 2007 because of increased flexibility […]

  • Managed Metadata absolutely is. You may not be able to refine correctly on it, so you’ll want to create managed properties which are mapped to your Managed Metadata Fields.

    How the search chooses to search […]

  • You can use alternate CSS to adjust the style as you wish.

    If you want to change how it is displayed, you would create Search Display Templates for the Search Results (JavaScript,CSS,HTML knowledge required).

  • Does your environment have custom CSS being used anywhere?

  • Hi Nipuna,

    You should be doing all of your debugging locally and not in Azure. With your solution in Visual Studio, you should be able to debug (f5). This will connect to your SharePoint site, retract any […]

  • You might be able to click “Share” and un-select “require sign in”?

  • Hi Fraser,

    A great platform is Microsoft Virtual Academy.

    A free resource for Microsoft Training!

  • You would be looking into MCSE: Productivity Solutions Expert !

  • Depending on your version of SharePoint you are looking for Business Connectivity Service (BCS) or Business Data Connectivity (BDC). These are services that connect your on-premise or cloud data sources with […]

  • The current certification MCSD: SharePoint Applications is being retired at the end of the month (March 2017).

    The new certification is moving to “MCSD: App Builder” which can be found here

    There is no […]

  • Can you explain what you mean by outdated site collections? There are no power shell scripts to find outdated Site Collections. It is important to know this area is very subjective.

    However, what you are doing […]

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