[Nick’s Pick’s #2] – 9 posts every SharePoint or Office 365 Developer should read in 2017


I’m the first to admit that I’m not a SharePoint or Office 365 developer. I hear things like “Office Graph” and “SharePoint Framework,” and have to spend time doing research so I can understand the current status quo.

Luckily, Collab365.Community has plenty of content around development. Want to learn about Office Graph, or the new SharePoint Framework? So do I, so check out these posts below and start making some magic happen!

Setting up your Developer environment and getting started with Microsoft Office 365


Presented at the 2016 Collab365 Global Conference by Tiago Costa, this video is a nice introduction to developing in Office 365. It covers setting up an Office 365 development tenant, and creating solutions using both the Office 365 API and App-Model. Very informative for beginners.

Developing real solutions with Microsoft Graph


As you may or may not know, the Microsoft Office Graph allows you to interact with a whole lot of your Office 365 tenant. This video by Paolo Pialorsi from the 2016 Collab365 Global conference serves as an excellent introduction. You’ll learn what Office 365 Graph does, along with an explanation on the authentication model. Several real-world examples can help get your gears turning on your own projects. This is not one to miss!

Coding against the Office Graph


Another video about Office 365 Graph, this video by Oliver Wirkus from the 2016 Collab365 Summit conference focuses on Search. Should you choose to watch it (you should), you will learn how the Office 365 Graph interacts with Search, how results are weighted, and some techniques you can use to manipulate those results.

Build Office Assistant using Bot Framework


If you saw any of Ignite, you know that Microsoft is doing all kinds of cool stuff with their Bot Framework. In this video, Amr Fouad shows you both the Azure Bot Framework, and the Office 365 graph by creating an office assistant bot. This is really cool stuff, and all of the code involved is available for you to mess with.

Application Modernization using Microsoft Azure


Stepping back from the deep code-related content, this video from The 2016 Collab365 Global Conference can offer insight as to how you can best utilize the cloud for your application development.  In it, Marwan Tarek explains the cloud road map, along with what the different “as a service” terms mean. Additionally, you will learn what kinds of challenges you may face in adopting this new way of development.

Azure Notification Hub


Over the years, I’ve been asked many times what the best way is to send out a massive amount of notifications to people. With the Azure Notification Hub, organizations may find just what they’re looking for. Coming from the 2016 Collab 365 Global Conference, Prabath Fonseka shows you how to set up the Azure Notification Hub to target any number of users on many devices. Really cool stuff.

A Power User’s Introduction to jQuery Awesomeness in SharePoint


Client-side development is very powerful in today’s world. A lot can be done with existing jQuery libraries. For those of you who don’t know what that is (I barely do), this video will show you how you can leverage jQuery as a regular ol’ power user! Make tweaks and customizations while writing minimal code! Mark Rackley is speaking my kind of language here!

Using REST to create Responsive HTML 5 SharePoint Intranets


While the SharePoint Framework is currently the belle of the ball, it is not for the faint of heart. Beginner Developers may want to start with something much easier, like REST. With some super cool REST calls, you can make your SharePoint intranets responsive and pretty. Delivered by Heath Groves at the 2016 Collab365 Global Conference.

3 awesome CSS tips you can use in your SharePoint Online sites in minutes


Rounding out this edition of Nick’s Picks, this blog post by Jerry Ober gives you 3 snippets of CSS you can use to make your SharePoint sites a little more snazzy. While CSS is not development, you definitely need to know it if you want to be a developer (or a designer, or infrastructure person).

That’s it for Nick’s Picks #2! I hope you enjoyed the content within, and all the videos are available on this playlist. As always, if you have a category you’d like to have featured, don’t hesitate to comment below or contact me. Stay tuned for a special edition of Nick’s Picks when we add our new channel to the site!

Are you a developer? Tell us what you’re currently learning / reading or watching by leaving a comment!


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[Nick’s Pick’s #2] – 9 posts every SharePoint or Office 365 Developer should read in 2017

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