Nick’s picks #3 – 10 Forms and Workflow videos you can’t miss


That’s right, it’s time for the next edition of Nick’s Picks! While there are newer technologies out there that can do this stuff (I’m looking at you, Flow and PowerApps), I’d like to point a spotlight at some tried and true methods to implement forms and workflows. InfoPath is going to be around until 2026, and is still a valid choice. I would say a similar thing about SharePoint Designer workflows. If you’re new to forms and workflows, don’t miss these 10 posts!

Easy Timesheets and Reporting Solution

Let’s get started with a blog post that demonstrates practical application of InfoPath. This post by Frank Op ‘t Landt shows you how to use an InfoPath form for data entry, along with an excel spreadsheet, to create a timesheet system, complete with SharePoint dashboard!

Intro to InfoPath

For those of you whom are new to SharePoint forms, I figured this video by Nikkia Carter would be valuable. By watching this video, you will learn the basics of InfoPath, as well as some practical applications for it.

Your common InfoPath Questions Answered!

While I’m going to be doing an entire “Power Hour” edition of Nick’s Picks in the near future, this video by Laura Rogers is too relevant to today’s topic to pass up. In it, Laura answers some common and complicated questions she’s gotten about InfoPath over the years.

A deep dive video explaining how to use Workflow in InfoPath

Another video by Nikkia Carter, this one combines both of this week’s topics. Did you know you can create workflows within InfoPath? Check out this video to learn how!

Building your own web-based forms solution in SharePoint 2013 – 2016

For the more developer-minded, this video shows you how to build your SharePoint forms solution from scratch using WOPI.

10 tips for building great SharePoint Forms

Want to learn 10 different ways to improve your SharePoint forms solutions? This video delivers exactly what it promises. Whether you plan on using InfoPath, third-party, or custom form solutions, this video has great advice.

InfoPath? We Don’t Need No Stinkin InfoPath

InfoPath obviously isn’t the only game in town when it comes to forms. Mark Rackley explores alternative options in this session from SPBizConference.>

SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflows – Nuts, Bolts and Examples

Workflows built in SharePoint Designer are still a perfectly valid way to build solutions in SharePoint. This video by Drew Madelung offers a nice introduction to SharePoint 2010 and 2013 workflows and provides some examples.

SharePoint Workflows: The Dos and Don’ts

Digging a little deeper into workflows, this session from the 2015 Collab365 Global Conference by Pat Peterson gives a lot of great advice around SharePoint Designer workflows.

Extend your Office 365 environment to cross-platform apps

Maybe a little more at home in the last edition of Nick’s Picks, this final video by Alexander Meijers shows you how to use Xamarin to build cross-platform solutions, including forms.

That’s it for this edition of Nick’s Picks! Coming editions include topics such as SharePoint Power Hour, Flow and PowerApps, and content geared toward power users. See you next time!


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Nick’s picks #3 – 10 Forms and Workflow videos you can’t miss

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