Office 365 tenant to tenant migration – a complete survival guide

As nowadays many companies use Office 365 for different scenarios more and more enterprises need to have a plan to migrate content from one tenant into another tenant due to mergers and acquisitions. The main difficulty with this is to develop a plan in order to migrate all contents from the source to the destination tenant as there are dependencies to the local Active Directory infrastructure, which should not be forgotten. Another problem is that many companies use different services for the same purpose. This also needs be considered when doing such a tenant merge. Therefore, this session should provide a guide on how to migrate services like SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Office 365 Groups, Teams and all other major services from one tenant to another with little user impact and zero loss of productivity for the users. Additionally common scenarios will be outlined with real-world approaches for migrations and possible stumbling blocks.​

You will learn:

  • Office 365
  • Azure
  • Tenant to Tenant Migration
  • Migration
  • Exchange Online
  • SharePoint Online
  • Azure AD
  • Teams & Groups




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  • tombrue

    Hi Stephan, thank you very much for your video on O365 Tenant2Tenant Migration, the video is very informative and it gives me a clear view tenant2tenant migration, I am new to O365 and have a project to migrate one O365 Tenant to another, my question with an example is:
    1. Let’s say, we have two Tenant, CompanyA and CompanyB
    2. CompanyA purchase CompanyB and want to merge CompanyB to A (move CompanyB tenant to CompanyA
    3. CompanyA has AD as a source of identity, ADSF for SSO and Exchange 2013
    4. CompanyB is fully in the cloud with about 190 AzureAD object
    5. CompanyB will still use their domain “ in CompanyA tenant
    My biggest question is
    1. Following your flow chat, how do I consolidate domain in CompanyA AD?
    My Plan.
    1. What I plan doing is to create all CompanyB objects in my local CompanyA AD, run ADConnect to sync them to the Azure with CompanyB users to use [email protected]
    2. Remove domain and add it to CompanyA Tenant
    3. Change all CompanyB users to use domain as their primary smtp address while keeping domain as their secondary smtp address (this all will be done after the migration)
    Please let me know if I am on the right track or if there are any more resources to help me out.

    Thank you