I have created a matrix of 5 SharePoint Migration Tools including Metalogix, AvePoint and SharePoint. The analysis was done with the assistance of each respective vendor. The current migration vendors include Metalogix, AvePoint, ShareGate, and MetaVis (now owned by Metalogix). Take a look at the screenshot for an overview of the chart. Open the attached Excel spreadsheet for a detailed comparison of the features offered from each vendor.


** New Update Information **

This new version v1.7 contains a lot more comparisons, new sections, and now includes screenshots from vendors like Metalogix and Sharegate. I worked closely with Benjamin Niaulin from Sharegate and Tamir Orbach from Metalogix to make sure that the matrix was up-to-date with the latest features from these companies. While I have reached out to AvePoint and MetaVis for updated features I have yet to receive feedback. I will continue to reach out to them to make sure the matrix contains the best, up-to-date information.

(Please note that MetaVis was acquired by Metalogix in 2015.)

New features added to the matrix include:

  • End User Content Management
  • Office 365 Migration/Management
  • OneDrive Migration/Management
  • Licensing Model
  • Costs and Fees
  • Usability and Interface
  • Links
  • GUI Screenshots of Metalogix and Sharegate (included in worksheet tabs)

Download :

Other Fantastic Resources:

I hope this helps someone.



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  • davemagner says:

    Thanks a lot Alex. This is very helpful… Seems crazy that there is nothing like this on sharepointreviews or something.

  • AlexDove264 says:

    You’re welcome. Hopefully this humble start could grow into a community project and evolve with members’ input.

  • AlexDove264 says:

    If anyone would like to see new vendors added or have additional features/benefits included in the comparison matrix please let me know. I would be happy to update this matrix to make it as beneficial as possible.

  • benjaminniaulin says:

    haha I got scared when I saw the screenshot with nothing under the Sharegate column, but it’s your backup comparison 😀 In fact I didn’t know those backup tools came with the Migration Tools they sell.

    Awesome work! If you need any info for Sharegate let me know I’d be happy to provide.

    Ideas: Adding Pricing & Support included

    • Pronob says:

      Hi Benjamin,

      Kindly help in understand in the Licensing, Support model and advantages of ShareGate for migrating SharePoint from 2013 to 2016 . Considering data size of ~400GB, customization is there.

      Mainly need idea on Licensing part and how do we calculate license charges i.e. is is completely based on volume of data available.

      It will be helpful if you could share me some kind excel.


  • AlexDove264 says:

    Benjamin, thanks for your comments. For clarification, the backup and BLOB mgmt. sections of the matrix are separate products than the migration tools. Through my research, I found that ShareGate goes toe-to-toe with Metalogix and AvePoint for a majority of items compared in the matrix. The other vendors’ product offerings are based on a modular design so you can stack different software plug-ins to customize your purchase based on your individual needs.

    There are other modular packages that are not addressed in this version of the matrix, such as security or permissions management, compliance or regulatory compliance, administration, health & performance, accessibility to O365, data protection monitoring, among others. This would certainly be an excellent segue into improving this matrix into an improved, more robust version 2.0

  • benjaminniaulin says:

    Ah Thanks! And awesome work going through all of this for the three tools and putting it down I am sure it’ll be useful to many, in fact I may just use it as well 🙂

  • collab365com says:

    This also maybe useful to anyone reading this blog. ‘SharePoint Migration Tools List‘. Michael has also just posted a paper about ‘Selecting a SharePoint Migration Tool‘. 

    Alex you two shold join forces and produce the most complete migration resource there is. Really good stuff.

  • Hi Alex,

    This really nice and very helpful information! Thanks for sharing this. You can also consider LepideMigrator for Documents in your future analysis.

  • AlexDove264 says:

    Mark, you’re right about Mike’s blog post ‘Selecting a SharePoint Migration Tool‘. It is a superb write-up on migration tools.

  • vladcatrinescu says:

    Great Stuff again Alex! thanks for adding Metavis! 

  • AlexDove264 says:

    Several community members requested that I add MetaVis to this comparison matrix. I reached out to MetaVis and worked with their staff to update the chart. “Thanks MetaVis!”

    I also plan on updating all the features offered by each of the vendors to make the comparison matrix more comprehensive. While I do have more features to list for one or two vendors, I am holding out until I have equal comparisons with each vendor. This way the matrix is an apples-to-apples comparison.

  • HenrikBlaafield says:

    Thanks for the excellent comparison! According to my experience, one of the most sought after comparisons is the pricing of the tool. It would be great if some sort of pricing indicator was also included here.

  • RobinSayer says:

    Good job Alex! Something I think that you should add if you can and which was a huge factor for us was how each of these products license themselves. Those that license by the amount of data you move can end up being hugely expensive, while a product like MetaVis while less powerful than Avepoint can cost a fraction of the price and can be used again and again as the license is doesn’t include a data size element. So perhaps if you want to evolve this a section which says how each is licensed.

  • collab365com says:

    I think we should also organise a “Migration Comparision Webinar” (similar to the one Dave Coleman ran 4-5 years ago). We can get each vendor to show off the highlights of their tool in a 15 – 20 mins each session. 

  • benjaminniaulin says:

    Did Metavis change their licensing? I believe Robin that Metavis also charges by GB transferred, but I definitely won’t speak on their behalf. Obviously I’ll mention Sharegate for the pricing since we don’t charge by farm, servers or GB as you said can be very valuable.

    But no doubt, pricing would definitely be interesting in this Matrix as well as the level of support included with that price tag. And Mark, I would be more than happy to do the comparison webinar again, last time was a lot of fun 🙂

  • LeeDrinkwater says:

    I was a technical support engineer for Quest/Dell Software for two years supporting the MetaVis product. From my comparisons with the competitors at the time it was the best product overall that required the least number of workarounds 

  • FaisalMasood says:

    Good work. Adding licensing and support costs in comparison sheet will definitely be huge plus.


  • Ivan says:

    Dear Alex
    I am new to this community and this is a very helpful piece of information. Just curious why Quest is not in as a comparison?

  • benjaminniaulin says:

    Hey Ivan Quest does not exist anymore it was bought by Dell and Dell sells Metavis (so did Idera back in the day) just with a different logo

  • Ivan says:

    Hi Ben

    Many thanks for the clarification as I was recommended by Dell SG on Quest in the early part of 2014, kind of confuse 🙂

    Again, thanks for pointing that out!


  • AlexDove264 says:

    Sorry for the delay in responding to comments. I was away for 2 weeks on vacation since Christmas and this week I am in a boot camp for the SharePoint portion of the MCSE exams. There have been a lot of great suggestions to update the comparisons. Let me address these requests and I will reply back soon.

    Thanks for all the great input and requests!

  • TamirOrbach says:

    Hi Alex:

    I’m the Product Manager for Metalogix Content Matrix. Thanks for doing this assessment. Your table is inaccurate on the Metalogix side on a number of areas. Could we setup some time to discuss and I can show you the capabilities in question? I can be reached directly at [email protected].



  • benjaminniaulin says:

    Looks like the table changed, indeed for Sharegate too few checkmarks missing on the Office 365 Management side 🙂

    We can definitely copy and transfer permissions as well http://en.share-gate.com/sharepoint-management under security amongst with other things mentioned. For example compliance reporting, let me know if you’d like to look at it together.

    I understand you’re doing this on your own time hehe can be quite a bit of work, if there is anything I can do to help don’t hesitate.

  • AlexDove264 says:

    Benjamin, I agree that the matrix was missing content and I apologize. I accidentally uploaded a minor, unfinished copy of the matrix. My strategy on publishing major versions of the matrix is to ensure that all the data is compared evenly across each vendor so that the comparison is an apples-to-apples view. I revoked the sections on O365 until I can validate each vendor’s features.

  • AlexDove264 says:

    Tamir, I would welcome an off-line conversation with you on the matrix content for Metalogix. Please understand, for the sake of transparency and validity, I spent several months working with vendor staff to compile this matrix. I did have several Metalogix representatives and engineering staff (this goes equally for all of the vendors) validate the content in this matrix, however, let’s converse to ensure the matrix is accurate.

  • TamirOrbach says:

    Hi Alex:

    Thanks, please can you let me know how I can work with you on this? I’ve been with Metalogix for just over 2 years, and I have not heard from anyone internally who worked with you on this. I’m assuming whoever it was has left Metalogix, but this type of request typically comes to me as the PM. Regardless, I can very quickly prove to you that the table is inaccurate, and I’m happy to leave a version of Content Matrix with you to confirm on your own afterwards too, and obviously I would very much like for this chart to accurately reflect our product. Please let me know the best next steps.

    Thanks a lot!


  • AlexDove264 says:

    Tamir, I am glad you took the time to review the matrix. A great way for the features of the matrix to grow is from community member involvement and that includes the close scrutiny you are providing. I encourage this. I will be happy to update the matrix after we have spoken and tell you with whom I worked with at Metalogix. The goal is for the matrix to reflect correct values and demonstrate true features and benefits. My previous comments about transparency were to inform you I did my due diligence to work with internal staff at each vendor. Let us talk so that the matrix can reflect the changes you propose.


    Thanks for sharing. Informative!.

    knowing about each migration tool w.r.t every single sp feature is a huge plus..:)

  • TamirOrbach says:

    Hi Everyone:

    For those reviewing this, please note that Alex has not yet had a chance to update the spreadsheet based on the changes I sent him for Metalogix. Its only been a week, and I’m sure he is very busy, but I also want to be sure that the folks who read this understand that it is not accurate at the moment as it relates to Metalogix.



  • maggie.swearingen says:

    Love this! Shared it with my colleagues and one of them mentioned that you can, indeed, migrate alerts with Metalogix (she recently had to do this for a client), but it’s a ‘separate action’ and recommended for post-content migration (since that, of course, would set off all the alerts).

  • TamirOrbach says:

    Thanks Maggie. That is exactly correct. Other areas that we do but are not checked above include:

    • Office 365 Migration/Management:
      • Metadata Classification During Content Copy
      • Clone Permissions
      • Copy Permissions
      • Copy Users
      • Copy Groups
      • Copy Content Types
      • Copy Navigation
    • OneDrive Migration/Management
      • Google to OneDrive Content Migration (released 02/15)
      • Google Sites to SharePoint Online Migration (released 02/15) (not on above list anywhere)
      • Copy OneDrives in Bulk
    • End User Content Management
      • Native SharePoint Based Control
      • Bulk End User Content Upload
      • Bulk End User Content Copy
      • Metadata Classification During Content Copy



  • AlexDove264 says:

    I have posted a new version v1.5 which contains a lot more comparisons, new sections, and now includes screenshots from vendors.

  • collab365com says:

    Great work Alex … Thanks for all your efforts on trying to make this as comprehensive and accurate as possible!

  • MatthewBailey says:

    You still owe me dinner!

  • Zakir says:

    Thanks for all the efforts Alex.

  • AlexDove264 says:

    You’re welcome, Zakir. I am glad you found it helpful.

  • TamirOrbach says:

    Great work again Alex, and thanks for the excellent follow up with me. Much appreciated.



  • TamirOrbach says:

    Hi Alex: The Gif on the home page of this site still reflects the original comparison you did which was missing a significant number of features on the Metalogix side. We’re now getting questions from clients and prospects about why we don’t support various features which we do. Please could you retake that screenshot and update the home page as soon as possible? I tried to email you, but the email bounced, so thought I’d post here instead. Thanks a lot for your help. Clearly your post has been very influential!



  • JohnPeluso says:

    Hi Alex… not sure who at AvePoint you reached out to but please let me know when you need input from us– I’ll make sure you get to the right person. Thanks for the work on this excellent community resource.

  • AlexDove264 says:

    Hello Tamir, I will get a new screenshot posted for you soon to reflect the new changes made to the matrix.

  • AlexDove264 says:

    Hello John, I have spoken to several sales reps who consulted your internal engineers. I can give you names when we speak offline. I would welcome updated information for this matrix. Please email me directly so we can start this process right away. Thank you for reaching out to me.

  • GiriRaja says:

    Great work Alex.

    My name is Giri and I handle SharePoint solutions at Vyapin [http://www.vyapin.com/].

    I read your article SharePoint comparison matrix for 3rd party migration tools, which should immensely benefit the SharePoint community.

    I’d like the opportunity to work with you to include Vyapin’s SharePoint migration tool chest in this comparison matrix.

    Vyapin’s SharePoint migration solutions can perform complete content migration from file shares, old versions of SharePoint, Exchange, web-based sources, network / backup drives, personal drives and other document management systems to SharePoint 2010 / 2013 and Office 365.

    Please check out Vyapin’s migration solutions at http://www.vyapin.com/solutions/sharepoint-solutions/sharepoint-migration.

    Please let me know the best method to include Vyapin’s solutions in this comparison chart.

    Thanks & regards,


  • Hi Alex,

    If you are planning to update the comparison matrix then I request you to please consider LepideMigrator for Documents (http://www.lepide.com/lepidemigratordocuments/) as well.

    LepideMigrator for Documents can migrate content to-and-fro SharePoint and Office 365. Also, it migrates date from Public Folders and File Servers to SharePoint.

    Please feel free to contact me if you need any other information about our tool.



  • collab365com says:

    Anand … please refrain from polluting the comments with promotion that’s off topic…

  • JasmineFloyd says:

    Hi Alex,

    My name is Jasmine, I’m a Product Analyst at AvePoint responsible for the DocAve Migrator tool. Do you have some time to sync up with me? I’d like to provide some updates to the DocAve Migrator information.

  • RaphaelDukhan says:

    Hi Alex

    Fantastic Job!!

    Quick correction though, we’re using Metalogix and I can confirm that Metalogix Content Matrix can migrate User Alerts and perform Link correction (not related to any specific version).

    Keep up the good work

  • ShailendraSaxena says:

    Hi Alex,

    Its a great post and very comprehensive list. Thank for Sharing it with the community.

    My customer is planning to move to Office 365 and we are evaluating different Migration tools. Can you please confirm if the V1.5 of excel is latest list for comparison since it was updated six months back or do you have plans to update it in near future. 

    Once again thanks for sharing your great work.

  • AmitBhatia says:

    Great stuff Alex! very helpful for the community.

  • CaseyEvans says:

    Awesome! Just what I needed for making the decision. Thank you so much for doing this!

  • JohnPeluso says:

    Hey all just a heads up that the info in this list is a bit out of date. We’re working with Alex to get it updated to reflect all of AvePoint’s capabilities not currently listed on the spreadsheet but in the meantime you can give me a shout if you want a run-down of the functionality we have that’s not listed in the published version.

  • benjaminniaulin says:

    Same for us actually, Alex starting to see the downside of creating a comparison matrix hehe keeping it up to day 😛

  • JohnPeluso says:

    Hi Mark… Still lots of gaps listed for functionality that is supported by the AvePoint platform. Happy to work with anyone appropriate to get the discrepancies resolved.

  • collab365com says:

    Hey John … can you dwld the spready and amend the AvePoint column? I will then look to get a v1.7 out. Then send to me at Mark.jones (AT) collaboris.com.

  • Hi Mark…could you please add LepideMigrator for Documents (http://www.lepide.com/lepidemigratordocuments/) in this comparison matrix.

  • collab365com says:

    Can you do the same, please download the spready and create your own column. Then I will send to Alex for him to approve. (However, I can’t guarantee a fast turnaround on this as I am snowed under with the Collab365 Summit and I know Alex is busy as well).

  • Nagababu351 says:

    Thank you Alex! It’s helps me alot 🙂

  • How come all comments show time stamps for the same day within 3 minutes?

  • Rylan King says:

    Great Stuff!! This is so chock full of users information and the resources you provided
    was helpful to me. There I found a cheapest which helped me a lot to migrate my SharePoint to office 365. I found this tool amazing that’s why I thought to share it here. Just Have look .

  • Carl Cross says:

    Thank for all your work here.
    I downloaded v1.7 but the avepoint and metaviz tabs are blank?

  • rob.wilkins says:

    Anyone tested migrating custom web parts that contain data. ShareGate don’t support this for instance.