One of the developers ran into an error with Management Reporter while he was trying to publish publish a report link to SharePoint. It threw the error:

“Unable to create the related report link in: https://(Server_name)/mysite”

We all know that Management Reporter is an integrated support output destination for SharePoint. The report allows you to specify one or more SharePoint libraries within the report itself. Upon completing the much needed configuration for the Management Reporter SharePoint integration, the developer had received the said error. Management Reporter logs and Windows event logs did not furnish required or additional information – which is not the case – usually.

After further review the developer confirmed that Management Reporter does not support SSL (https://) with SharePoint.  Upon creating a new content site entirely – using http, he was able to successfully publish his report link to SharePoint.

SharePoint configuration steps to be followed religiously with Management Reporter 2012:

Document Library Settings

  1. Advanced Settings
    1. Allow Management of Content Types = YES
  2. Content Types
    1. Add from Existing Content Types, then select the Link to Document content type

Management Reporter service account

     A. Assign Design permission on the SharePoint library


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  • jesska says:

    Thanks for this post, I think it’s going to save me a heap of time. I take it is safe to assume we wouldn’t be able to publish MR reports to SharePoint Online locations at all in that case, since these URLs require SSL.