SPFx – A modern development model for SharePoint

SharePoint Framework (SPFx) promoted as “the future of SharePoint development” has been released in developer preview. The framework might be new, but that is a framework that we all have been longing for quite some time. Client-side development has been here for years and we all built our own frameworks. This model leverages techniques we are used to such as CSOM, the SharePoint REST API’s, the Microsoft Graph etc. and at the same time embraces open source technologies such as node.js, Gulp, Yeoman and more. I will talk about SharePoint Development Model Evolution and demonstrate use of Light Weight Components with SPFx by developing client side Web Parts.โ€‹

You will learn:

  • What is SPFx and Why it has been introduced
  • How to use different tool chains and libraries
  • How to create client-side web parts
  • How to deploy/publish on O365 Tenant
  • How to deploy on Azure CDN
  • How to use the web parts on Modern pages


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