How to convert your InfoPath Forms to PowerApps

For 13 years, InfoPath has been Microsoft’s official method of creating business forms in SharePoint. Now that InfoPath has been phased out, PowerApps is the new way of creating no-code forms. In this session, Laura Rogers will introduce how to create PowerApps, and specifically how to convert and translate your common InfoPath forms into the new way in PowerApps.​

In this session Laura takes an example of an abscense request form developed in Infopath and then demonstrates stage by stage how to convert the UI elements into PowerApps. Specifically Laura addresses the conversion in across these areas:

How to generate the boilerplate PowerApp from an absence request list

  • The data that’s driven from a SharePoint List
  • Screens
  • Galleries
  • Form
  • Cards
  • Buttons / Navigation


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You will learn:

  • PowerApps terminology
  • PowerApps interface
  • PowerApps logic
  • Compare InfoPath to PowerApps


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About The Author
- Laura Rogers​ is a SharePoint expert, speaker, author and educator. She is well-versed in helping organizations make the most of their SharePoint environments using out-of-box functionalities such as workflows, forms and Web parts. She is the owner of IW Mentor,​ a ​ SharePoint ​t​raining ​c​ompany. Laura’s technical expertise also includes over 12 years of experience working with Microsoft’s messaging and collaboration systems. She has been named a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for the past six years. ​Laura runs the Birmingham (AL) SharePoint User Group. She has contributed to several books on SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013 over the past eight years. You can read more about Laura’s experiences on her blog,
  • Mark Jones says:

    Great session this one Laura!

  • jel888 says:

    I know this is old, but hoping someone will see my request and is able to help me. I watched this training and it’s a pretty good one to help those of us who used InfoPath move on to Power Apps. However, based on the title of the article I really thought it would help me “convert” old forms. Does anyone know how I could do that? We no longer have InfoPath at work and I need to convert the .xsn files to anything whether pdf, Microsoft Forms or in a PowerApp, first to share the form and secondly to reuse them in a new, updated Microsoft product (ultimately to use on SharePoint 2013/2016). Thanks for any help as I’ve not been able to find a non-code, non third-party product answer.