Why am I posting my blog on Collab365.Community?

So I have finally given in and I am creating a blog post on this site. I have many options of where to create a blog. Here were some of the reasons I chose to start here.

First of all, the company I work for provides a public blog space (http://www.skylinetechnologies.com/Blog.aspx). That blog is dedicated to a softer and broader audience. Whlie Skyline Technologies has never stated they are targetting “thought and innovation leadership” with that blog, I am more of a purist. The subject matter on that blog will contains SharePoint, Custom .NET development, Business Intellegence, as well as IT leadership topics.

I felt I needed a techy blog. That means that I need to have a place to converse with end users like myself. I have been doing SharePoint since the 2003 version was released. When that came out, there was no “community” becuase there was very limited users. I have picked up a lot of little bits of information along the way (some of is even useful). Based on that I needed place to put my techy information.

I actually expect that this blog will end up complimenting by company blog. What I mean by that is not that I plan to cross post everything from there to here, but I may use this to go deeper into the technical aspects. Of course, expect links back to there also.

Of course I could have gone the route of setting up my own servers at home (I have done that before), I could go to wordpress, I could go to any of a number of sites. In the end, I am about SharePoint, my blog will contain informaiton about SharePoint, why wouldn’t I put is somewhere that other like minded people can view it. I have seen some good work being done by others here and thought I would give it a try. Of course, it is only technology, If I don’t like it, will just move on to the next shiny thing.

Now that I am done with the “fluff”, I need to find something techy to discuss, or at least SharePoint related… watch for a blog to be coming soon.

Eric VanRoy


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Why am I posting my blog on Collab365.Community?

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