When the new Office 365 subscriptions got launched on February the 27th I was curious about the way Yammer Enterprise would be provisioned together with the new Office 365 E plans and SharePoint Online Subscriptions.

After going through the new Office 365 website I found this SharePoint Online page and to my surprise I stumbled across this text: Microsoft EA customers can purchase SharePoint with Yammer allowing them to get the best enterprise collaboration suite with SharePoint and the best enterprise social network with Yammer.

What, Microsoft EA customers? Does this mean that this great benefit will only be available for large organizations which have signed an Enterprise Agreement (EA) with Microsoft? To be sure I send a tweet to the Office365 team to check my assumptions. https://twitter.com/Office365/status/306900487456825345

@office365 responded: “Office 365 Enterprise customers have no fee for Yammer Enterprise”

What do you make of this? I was under the impression they are saying that every Office 365 Enterprise customer can user Yammer Enterprise for free, right? 

And also this question from Nikkia Carter (responding to my tweet) results in the same answer

So when writing my blogpost on the New Office 365 pricing I was pretty sure Yammer Enterprise is freely available to all Office 365 E(nterprise) and SharePoint Online users..

But Now, a couple of weeks later this seems to be wrong!
First I found this update on the Yammer page, which is pretty clear:

Then I heard someone speak about the chance of losing a big “Office365 with Yammer Enterprise” deal because of the fact that the customer didn’t have an enterprise agreement with Microsoft. So I started to do some research and I stumbled across this blog post from the Yammer team.

The first paragraph of the post is pretty clear (you need an EA!) , but again at the end it’s a bit vague. I read it this way: Customers having an Office 365 E plan AND who have signed an Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) get Yammer Enterprise for free, all other Office 365 E plan users have to pay $3 per user per month. That would be kinda silly right? (And if true, Microsoft is not doing a good job in communicating this).

I was also amazed by the response on the yammer blog post by someone named Jason Cox. He writes that there is “fine print” which states that a company would need to buy at least 250 E plan licenses as ‘the minimum qualifying entry level to get Yammer Enterprise for free’.

Finally I heard a rumor this week that Yammer is waiting until it reaches 100 million users before it will supply Yammer Enterprise to all Office 365 E plan users.  Hmm..

Since there are a lot of Microsoft partners and customers who are considering selling or buying Yammer Enterprise together with Office 365, it will be a good thing if Microsoft would be more clear about what these conditions are would stop sending out these conflicting messages…

As soon as I get new information I will post it here.

I got a confirmation from the Yammer/Office Division communications team:
“For Enterprise Agreement customers, Yammer Enterprise ships with Office 365 E1-E4 plans.  Otherwise Yammer Enterprise is available at $3/user/month and Yammer Basic is free for customers”

I guess most of us missed the details about the prerequisite of an Enterprise Agreement, because we were too excited about the news of getting this cool service for free. I still hope it won’t take long before this requirement will be droppend… 


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Free Yammer Enterprise is limited to Office 365 customers having an Enterprise Agreement

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